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Laying the Foundations of a Healthy Ego

"Let us take our bloated nothingness out of the path the divine circuits."
~ Emerson

The sphere of Foundation (Yesod) on the Tree of Life is referred to as the Purifying Intelligence. It represents the foundation machinery of the universe whose function it is to collect and purify the energies emanating from all the other spheres and transmit them to the material universe and the human organism. Some have referred to this sphere as the "engine-room" of Creation.

In our body, this sphere of energy is linked to the genitals and to their generative powers. The proper management of our sexual energy and our sexual impulses is of great importance as it lays a good "Foundation" for the creative enfoldment in all aspects of our lives. Sexual repression and sexual promiscuity are both damaging to this enfoldment and wreak havoc in our bodies, our minds, and our relationships. An enlightened and moderate approach to sexuality that is not divorced from spirituality lays the best foundation for a joyous and productive lifestyle.

Psychologically speaking, the sphere of Yesod represents the Ego aspect of our psyche or the foundation of our individualized existence – the I-ness of our being. The intended function of the Ego is to serve as a liaison between our Higher Self (located at the sphere of Harmony or Tiferet), and our lower self (located at the sphere of Kingdom or Malkhut). A well-functioning ego functions as the servant of the Higher Self and is well aware of the spiritual values and the creative plan of the Higher Self for our inner and outer development. A healthy ego therefore, diligently purifies the impulses it receives from our animal instincts, our emotions, our thoughts, and our social environment and transmits only the most appropriate and most constructive of these inputs as action commands to our bodies. A healthy Ego chooses wisely how to respond moment to moment to life so that the creative energies of the Tree of Life can move freely within our psyche and our body. An unhealthy ego on the other hand, is completely out of touch with the Higher Self and pompously considers itself to be the master of the house. An unhealthy ego is so hypnotized by its past conditioning, past negative experiences, and is so wrapped up in a futile pursuit of more and more Pleasure, Approval, Power, and Attention that it becomes – the words of Emerson – as a "bloated nothingness" obstructing the path of creative Divine energies.

Spiritual Psychology teaches that our first task in attaining higher evolution is to heal and enlighten our Ego because only a healthy functioning Ego can serve as a solid foundation from which we can safely climb the higher spheres of the Tree of Life and enjoy the sublime fruit of this Tree without endangering ourselves and others.

For almost three decades, Dr. Mitra Makbuleh has been conducting group seminars and private consultation sessions where the participants learn to recognize and heal the unhealthy habits and destructive tendencies of their ego personalities and achieve greater contact with their Higher Selves. For more information, see the Professional Services that Dr. Mitra offers.

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