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The Middle Path of Balance

"A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand."
~ Anonymous

The sphere of Harmony or Beauty (Tiferet) located at the center of the Tree of Life is referred to as the Mediating Intelligence because it mediates between all other energies and balances their influence. It represents the realm of the healing, harmonizing, redemptive, or "Messianic" energy. This is the redemptive energy we all pray for when things get totally out of whack.

The mediating intelligence of the sphere of harmony performs the most important function of balancing all opposite forces in the cosmos and in the human psyche. Kabbalists maintain that even the most positive things in the universe can become destructive when expressed immoderately. Professor Stephan Hoeller, a scholar well-acquainted with the world's greatest mystical traditions, makes the following remarks:

Of all the systems that I know, the Kabbalah is the one that has the greatest emphasis placed upon, and insists most powerfully upon, the need for balance and equilibrium. The Kabbalah says that no quality is so good or so precious that it need not be balanced by its opposite.

Psychologically speaking, Harmony or Tiferet is the seat of our Higher Self. It is the consciousness level of the highly intuitive "Perfected Man" as in the Sufi Tradition. The goal of the Higher Self is the growth and flowering of the human being to his full potential as an image of God. A person who has achieved this level of perfection can intelligently mediate and harmonize conflicting forces, urges, individuals, or nations. He or she does not take sides, values all conflicting elements the same, and has compassion for all parties equally. This is why Compassion is another major attribute of this sphere of energy.

One who has reached this level of consciousness, creates peace, healing, harmony and beauty wherever he or she may be. The Perfected Man (or Woman) accomplishes these wonders neither thru compromise nor by a static middle of the road approach based on a formula of "a little bit of this and a little bit of that." The dynamic balance advocated by the Higher Self is the perception that all things have their proper time and proper place, or "There is a time for everything under Heaven." Achieving direct contact with the Higher Self allows us access to the inner intuitive guidance that tells us when a very stern, disciplinarian, and even warlike attitude is necessary, and when grace and kindness are called for. Another name for this sphere of energy is Beauty, and this beauty is not created by combining equal measures of black and white and producing grey, but by arranging a harmonious contrast between integrated opposites. Beauty is not created by forcing homogeneity and sameness but by creating Unity-in-Diversity.

The sphere of Harmony or Tiferet is also associated with the idea of Sacrifice. Without sacrificing illusory ideals, egotistic desires, and animalistic urges, one cannot attain to this level of consciousness.

In mystical poetry, the Higher Self is often referred to as The Friend. Mitra also means friend in Old Persian and Sanskrit. Dr. Mitra's many articles in English and Farsi have been written with the sole purpose of illuminating The Way to this loving inner Friend. Read more on this topic in Dr. Mitra's Articles in English and Farsi.

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