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Welcome to
Dr. Mitra's Mystic Garden…

"Let the Beauty that We Love Be What We Do..."
~ Rumi

Dr. Mitra's Mystic Garden is the home of T.R.E.E., an educational foundation dedicated to research, consultation, and training in the field of Spiritual Psychology. The main purpose of this foundation is the promotion of harmony and creativity both on the individual level and among various religious and cultural groups.

The work carried out by T.R.E.E. is primarily based on the Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) and its magnificent Tree of Life, but it also integrates psychological insights from all other great mystical traditions of the world.

The Tree of Life is a symbolic representation of the dynamic balance and harmony of all opposite energies that are at work within our bodies, our psyche, and in the Cosmos. It also represents the various paths to higher states of consciousness. Climbing this ladder of consciousness cautiously and wisely grants the individual greater access to the creative energies of life, greater spiritual communion with the Higher Self, and greater ability to be of service to others.

A proper understanding of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the principles of Spiritual Psychology not only can bring greater inner balance, creativity, and growth to our lives, but can also help build a bridge between the followers of various faiths. By revealing the inner mystical meaning of the world's Holy Scriptures and ancient myths, the Tree of Life shines a light upon the true Unity of all Religions. Armed with this illuminating knowledge, we stand a chance to overcome the darkness of ignorance and the violent religious conflicts that have brought our world to the brink of utter devastation.

There is much to be enjoyed in Dr. Mitra's Mystic Garden. To enliven your soul, make sure to visit this sacred garden whenever you need a place to relax and meditate. Take time in each visit to explore a small corner of the garden and meditate on the sacred flowers and the delicious fruit of the Tree of Life. The price of admission is only a receptive attitude and a good sense of humor.

Pick a flower by clicking on the Tree of Life and allow its exquisite fragrance to enrich your Soul…


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my good friend Kevin Haddad for his selfless efforts in designing this website. May the mystic garden he has so lovingly helped create, bring joy and blessings to all who enter therein.

Dr. Mitra Makbuleh

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