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Books, Audio & Video

"A book is like a garden carried in the pocket."
~ Chinese Proverb
"To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting."
~ Edmund Burke

The following publications and audiovisual material featuring Dr. Mitra's work can be obtained by emailing your request to: tree.1@cox.net.

  • Psycho-cultural Dimensions of Alcoholism, Asceticism, Witch-hunt, and Ethnic Schisms, Doctoral Dissertation, University of California, Irvine, 1979 (English)
  • Chel-Cheragh: Forty Mystic Light for the Dark Nights of the Soul, 2003 (Farsi), available at www.Ketab.com.
  • Smart Jews, Foolish Mistakes: The Mystery of Jewish Creativity and the Alchemy of Anti-Semitism (English) Work in Progress
  • Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: A Mystical Companion, (Farsi)
  • Purim and Megilath Esther: Historic Event or Mystic Tale? (Farsi)
Audiotapes & CDs
  • Spiritual Psychology and Job Stress, A Lecture delivered at the Network of Iranian Professionals in Portland, Oregon (Farsi)
  • Kabbalah and Creativity, Lecture Recordings (English)
  • Karma, Destiny, and Reincarnation (Farsi)
  • The Dangers of Religious Fundamentalism, A Lecture delivered at an Iranian Jewish Congregation in New York (Farsi)
  • The Un-diet, Educational Series on natural weight management (English)
  • Torah and Kabbalah, Class tapes/CDs (Farsi)
  • Trauma and Spiritual Psychology, A radio interview with Homa Sarshar (Farsi)
  • Mystical Psychology and Kabbalah, with Rabbi Bernard King, Class tapes/CDs (English)
  • Mystical Psychology and Kabbalah, Class tapes/CDs (Farsi)
  • In the Sacred Sanctum of Divine Love, Yom Kippur Lecture, Los Angeles (Farsi)
  • The Mystical Symbolism of Number Seven, A radio interview with Homa Sarshar (Farsi)
Films, Videos, & DVDs
  • Seeking the Rose: A Modern Parable of Spiritual Enlightenment, produced by Christine Thompson, Harmony Workshops (English)
  • Nowrooz, Passover, and Easter, A Public Television Interview (English)
  • What is Kabbalah? A two hour Television Interview with Homa Sarshar (Farsi)
  • The Kabbalah of Happiness, A four hour recording of a Public Seminar (Farsi)
  • About Spiritual Psychology, A Television Interview with Dr. Shirin Noravi (Farsi)
  • The Mystical Symbolism of Purim, An educational and entertaining Public Seminar (Farsi)

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