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Mystic Journeys

The Joy of Travel and Self Discovery

"Many Journeys it takes for the Mystic in us to mature
Many Journeys through joy and pain to make us pure"
~ Rumi
"Life's Journey is just a chance to grow a soul"
~ Powell Davies
"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
~ Gandhi

Once or twice a year, Dr. Mitra takes a select group of participants on a memorable 3-10 days journey filled with fabulous adventures and rich inner delights. During these mystic journeys, two or three hours are devoted each day to formal learning, and the rest of the time is spent sight-seeing and experiencing the joys of self discovery thru group interaction.

If you are interested in participating in Dr. Mitra's future mystic journeys, place your request by emailing tree.1@cox.net.

Dr. Mitra’s Mystic Journeys in the past few years
  • Goddesses in Every Woman
    October 4th-11th, 2002, Williamsburg, Virginia
    A One Week Spiritual Psychology Workshop dealing with the deeper aspects of a woman's psychological and spiritual nature.

  • Fate, Destiny, and the Meaning of our Lives
    October 26th-November 2nd, 2003, Orlando, Florida
    A One Week Spiritual Psychology Workshop dealing with the interesting and important questions of destiny and fate.

  • Practicing the Power of Now I
    May 12-15, 2004, Palm Springs, California

  • Reincarnation: Past Lives and Our Present Self
    April 15-22, 2005, Sedona, Arizona

  • Practicing the Power of Now II
    October 12-19, 2005, Catskills Mountains, New York

  • Kabbalistic Sites in Eastern Europe
    September 10th-24th, 2006, Prague and Budapest

  • The Mysteries of Buddhism
    October 7th-21st, 2007, China and Japan

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