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The Glories of the Intellect

"The mind is hindered by too little education —and by too much."
~ Pascal

The sphere of Glory (Hod) on the Tree of Life is referred to as the Perfect Intelligence. Cosmologically speaking, it is in this sphere that the plan of action or the blueprint of Creation is finally perfected and precisely formulated. Just as a human architect needs a methodical civil engineer to translate his creative design into a set of well-measured blueprints in a language that the building contractor can follow in order to build a house, the Divine Architect uses the intelligent energy of the sphere of Glory or Hod to make perfect blueprints for the building of all forms in the Universe.

Psychologically speaking, this eight sphere on the Tree of Life represents the analytical, intellectual, and logical sphere of the human mind and the left lobe of our brain. Here is where we can receive the tenuous and ethereal inspirations and ideas showered on us by the upper spheres of energy and transform them into tangible creative thoughts ready to put into action. All this is our birthright if we are lucky, that is, lucky enough to have consciously worked on clearing the junk and the debris that clutter our minds at all times!

Although the analytical, scientific, and intellectual capacities of this sphere and our brain's left hemisphere are indeed glorious and highly valuable, they can become quite barren, imitative, and even tyrannical if not subordinated to the spiritual, intuitive, and inspirational input of our higher Self. Einstein understood this well when he said: "Religion without Science is blind, and Science without Religion is lame." Most great geniuses have acknowledged their indebtedness and total dedication to a Higher Source of inspiration where their glorious and majestic ideas, poetry, music, and art originate and continue to reverberate throughout generations. Interestingly enough, the word HOD in Hebrew means gratitude, submission, glory/majesty, and reverberation.

The intelligent energy of the sphere of Glory as reflected in the left side of our brain is also very important in taming our wild animal instincts and our excessive emotions. It has a civilizing effect on the human psyche. However, it must not be overused or it leads to stagnation, repression, and lifelessness. Once again, the operating principle here as elsewhere in Kabbalistic or Spiritual Psychology is BALANCE and MODERATION.

To stimulate the glorious powers of your intellect we invite you to browse thru more than 150 published articles written by Dr. Mitra Makbuleh in both English and Farsi. A collection of forty of these highly informative and entertaining articles has been published in a highly praised book titled: Chelcheragh. To learn more about the sphere of Glory/Hod and its connection to the human brain and to creative inspiration, intellectual discoveries, and artistic creations, check out the great list of books and audio and videotapes produced by Dr. Mitra as well as those on her list of recommended authors.

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