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The Path of the Warrior

"Who is strong? He who conquers his evil inclination, as it is said: 'Better is one slow to anger than a strong man, and one who rules over his spirit than a conqueror of a city' …."
~ Proverbs 16:32

The sphere of Strength (Gevurah) on the Tree of Life is referred to as the Radical Intelligence. This sphere of energy is also known as Severity or Judgment. When working properly and in balanced conjunction with the opposite energy of Loving-Kindness (Hesed), this often misunderstood and maligned sphere of energy plays an extremely vital role for the proper functioning of our bodies, the world, and the entire universe. To the naked eye, this is the most terrifying of all energies on the Tree of Life, the destructive and harsh energy that unleashes death and suffering upon the world. However, this sphere of energy becomes evil only when divorced from its counterpart — Loving Kindness. Nonetheless, a healthy dose of fear and respect is advised when dealing with this energy.

Psychologically and spiritually speaking, this sphere of energy gives us the strength to accomplish heroic acts when necessary, like when it gives a frail mother the strength to lift a heavy car in order to save her child. It also teaches us inner discipline without which we can hardly accomplish anything worthwhile no matter how passionate we are about some project. It is both the assessor and the executor of our Karma, but it also gives us the strength to face the challenges of Karma and other problems of living. It is at this sphere that we are tempted, tested and challenged spiritually in order to evaluate our inner fitness for further progress (Satan in Hebrew means The Tester and in the story of Job he is referred to as one of the Sons of God.). The battle between good and evil, God and the Devil is staged within our own hearts. As Carl Jung stated: "Whatever mankind is fighting about in the outer world is also a battle within our inner selves."

The sphere of Strength or Gevurah is also the sphere of law, duty, responsibility, justice, punishment, courage, self-control, self-defense, war, and fiery destruction. While the experience of this energy is often quite unpleasant, it is highly essential to our psychological development. Without experiencing some pain and suffering, we cannot develop empathy; without discipline we cannot develop our creative talents; without correct judgment we fall victim to all kinds of charlatans and deceitful people, and without conflict, war, justice and karma we never learn how to tame our selfishness. In short, without the sphere of Strength, we can have no strength of character. However, this is also a very powerful energy that is most likely to lead to evil if not used wisely. As wise men have observed: "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." So, one must be extremely cautious when using this energy and its fiery sword on the Path of the Warrior, for "Those who live by the sword, die by the sword." Too much love without restraint and discipline can lead to chaos and unruliness, but too much power without love is much worse — it leads to cruelty, fanaticism, sadism, and vengefulness.

In her seminars and private consultations, Dr. Mitra guides those who are suffering thru the harsh vicissitudes of life how to deal with the challenging energy of Strength/Gevurah and how to learn its meaningful lessons for the building of character and further psychological and spiritual growth. To read more about this, see Professional Services.

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