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The Light of Spirit Hidden in the Darkness of Matter

"Blessed is the man who finds Wisdom…"
~ Proverb 3:13 NIV
"Who is wise? The one who learns from everyone."
~ The Talmud

The sphere of Wisdom (Chokhmah) on the Tree of Life is referred to as the Illuminating Intelligence. Wisdom is the sphere of energy that channels the original impetus for all the magnificent forms we witness all around us. According to the Kabbalah, this is the highest attainable sphere to Man, and direct contact with the illuminating intelligence of this sphere of energy is accessible to very select few. The renowned Persian mystic poet, Ferdousi, exclaims the same idea in the opening to his grand opus, the Shah-nameh:

In the name of Divine Life and Wisdom
As beyond Wisdom no Mind can fathom

To attain to higher realms of consciousness above Wisdom, a state of no-mind and selflessness (Bittul Ha-Yesh in Kabbalistic parlance and Fana in Sufi lore) is required. This is a heroic and perilous task accomplished only by a few mystics of the highest order.

Psychologically speaking, the sphere of Wisdom/Chokhmah is accessed via the right hemisphere of the brain. The right hemisphere of our brain is endowed with the potential to receive the most sublime creative inspirations, intuitive insights, illuminating discoveries, and ingenious ideas from the sphere of Wisdom. This sphere is the source of the famous "thunderbolt shock" or "lightning flash" experience reported by so many creative geniuses and mystics. This intelligent and creative force gives rise to prophetic dreams and revelations, sublime mystical poetry, insightful visions, inspired art forms, profound wit and humor, new scientific discoveries and breakthrough inventions. To become receptive to the awesome energies of the inspirational sphere of Wisdom without succumbing to madness, one needs to be well balanced, well integrated, and well intentioned. Cultivating a good sense of humor is of supreme importance as well!

Dr. Mitra maintains that the essential message at the core of the world's various religions is a unitary revelation derived directly from the sphere of Wisdom and communicated in seemingly different symbols and myths. In other words, just as there is only one physical reality, so there is only one metaphysical reality. Just as physics is taught in many languages, so is metaphysics expressed in many different symbolic systems. The survival of our species depends on re-discovering the mystical Wisdom Teaching that unites the warring religions of our day and understanding the symbolic language of all myths and scriptures. To learn more about this important topic, peruse through Dr. Mitra's Articles in English and Farsi.

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